Ford Crown Victoria P71/P7B Police Interceptor Videos
In the videos I show you various things about the Crown Victoria, including maintenance, repair, trim piece removal and replacment, as well as some of the neat features about the Crown Vic. I have (or will have) videos about how to repair the most common nuisance items on a used Crown Vic bought from a police auction, like making the rear doors open from the inside, being able to roll down the rear windows, getting your dome light to come on, getting your horn to honk, and so forth. I do honestly believe that bang for the buck, the Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor is the best vehicle ever made.
Top Ten Things You Didn't Know about P71
Top Ten Reasons P71 best ever
Understanding P71 Transmission
Painting Wheels... and tires?
Things I've done to my P71
How Vehicles Work
Police Car Auction Buying Guide
P71 0 to 60 acceleration 2008 model with 3.27 rear gear
Showdown: P71 vs. Dodge Charger
Since this page was getting too cluttered, I've separated some of the videos by category:
Maintenance & Repairs
Part Removal
police car 0-60 showdown
P71/P7B name that switch
P71/P7B good car for teenager?
police car 60-0 braking showdown
How Tough is the Crown Victoria P71 P7B
Buy a Crown Victoria P71 NOW!
Crown Vic what rear gear ratio is right for you
Crown Vic vs Dodge Charger as daily driver
Crown Vic vs Dodge Charger as daily driver pt 2
Flat tire on Crown Vic
Crown Vic flat tire update and plug
Police Municipal Government Auctions
Police Municipal Government Auctions Pt 2
Ford Crown Vic P71 P7B what to expect - buyer's guide
Ford Crown Vic P71 P7B peeling paint fix Harbor Freight $10 HVLP paint gun
Ford Crown Vic P71 P7B should you rattle can your car
Ford Crown Vic P71 P7B dim odometer follow up
Ford Crown Vic P71 P7B climate control lights
Ford Crown Vic P71 P7B engine detail
2010 Ford Crown Vic P7B
Ford Crown Vic front seat removal and cleaning
dirty engine bay cleaning 2010 P7B shown
Ford Crown Vic trunk collaboration
Crown Vic interior tour part 1
Crown Vic interior tour part 2
Crown Vic under hood collaboration
Car Stereo
Crown Vic/P71
Vehicle Fixes
Home Fixes
Golf Cart Fixes
GM Truck/SUV
Auto Detailing
Should I sell my 2010 P7B
Crown Vic towing
Firestone Firehawk blowout