Vehicle Fixes, Repairs, and Maintenance Videos
In these videos I show you various vehicle maintenance, repairs, tips, tricks, and other things I've learned over the last 30+ years working on and detailing cars, trucks, SUV's, and minivans.
How to fix a floor jack that leaks
The Final Bleed: How to completely fill and bleed the floor jack
LED Light Comparison
How to SAFELY clean your engine
Introduction to Vehicle Wiring
How Vehicles Work
Advanced Wiring: Switches & Relays
Auto Trim Repair
P71 Dash Cam Install Part 1
P71 Dash Cam Install Part 2
P71 Dash Cam Install Part 3
P71 Dash Cam Install Part 4
Harbor Freight jack repair
Rear view camera & parking sensors - short
Rear view camera & parking sensors - long
How to fix a floor jack that leaks - UPDATED VERSION!
Quick, Cheap, and Easy Engine Detail
Ethanol free gas - worth the price?
How to Install Under Hood Light (LED or regular)
How to install LED light bar
Does Transmission Fluid Restore Plastic Trim?
Cop Strength Rain X
DIY Ceramic Coating
Can you put Ceramic Coating on windshield glass
Ceramic Coating on headlights
Sunroof Moonroof maintenance
Leather Care
Rubber Floor Mat care
Carpet Care and Shampooing options
Lazy man's quick detail secret
Ceramic Coating vs Paint Sealant
Ceramic Coating vs Paint Sealant 2 week update
Harbor Freight Zurich ZR 13 Code Reader unboxing
Ceramic Coating vs Paint Sealant 3 month update
Finding and fixing electrical problems
Gifts to and from East Coast Classics
Giveaway Night Vision Glasses
Fix the Harbor Freight HVLP spray paint gun
Patching holes in police cars
Chevy/GM full size pickup/SUV headlight 9005 LED Xiphoe
2007-2011 Toyota Camry headlight LED H11
Parasitic draw or dead battery
my new auto detailing station at the shop
Harbor Freight float charger
restore black plastic parts
Car Stereo
Crown Vic/P71
Vehicle Fixes
Home Fixes
Golf Cart Fixes
GM Truck/SUV
Auto Detailing
OEDRO light bar install
car truck SUV automobile insurance
moving to South Dakota vehicle registration
add a TPMS to any vehicle
Fuel Ox real world test results
Harbor Freight Tire Changer Unboxing and Setup
Popoman Impact Wrench - Happy Birthday to me
what does Slime do to a tire
Tire Sidewall Info
Harbor Freight tire changer for 17-18 inch wheels
how to change valve stems at home
Harbor Freight tire balancer