Household Fixes, Repairs, and Maintenance Videos
In these videos I show you various home/household maintenance, repairs, tips, tricks, and other things I've learned over the last nearly 20 years taking care of my houses.
Chlorine Filter/Water Filter for Shower
Top "13" Halloween Decorating Tips
Intex Code 91 fix with vinegar
Christmas decorating/lights
How to fix a slow drain
Dryer Vent Lint Removal/Cleaning
Money Saving Tips/Hacks: Soap
Water Heater Drain & Repair
How to keep your goldfish alive for years
Install Home/Office Security Cameras
How to replace Oven Light
How to make great coffee at home
How to caulk shower leak free
Unboxing LED lights
21 speed bicycle repair
Happy Father's Day - bicycle gear shift fix
Unboxing and review Harbor Freight 10x20 car canopy
Flex Tape pool leak one year update
grow your own lawn grass sod plugs
WWII 740th Tank Battalion 2018 reunion
add Kayak carry pull handles
unboxing 862 soldering station
fix front loader washing machine that won't drain
unboxing Abba Patio Gazebo 10x10
Bomoo Security Camera and Light installation with bonus
home air conditioning DIY fixes
Car Stereo
Crown Vic/P71
Vehicle Fixes
Home Fixes
Golf Cart Fixes
GM Truck/SUV
Auto Detailing
Fix a squeaky garage roll up door
fix a sticky door
shower head disassembly - all methods